The point of these campaigns is to promote Sephora's products. So, the product is shown on the left-hand side while the description is in the middle between the product and a photo of someone using the product. Let the customers know what the products can do. Also, attract new customers and introduce them to the beauty world.




To show how the thermostat can be controlled wherever you are so the temperature is just right when you arrive home. The target audience would be homeowners with a busy schedule but still what to be in control.




A shoe company established in 1908. Their beginning started as a basketball shoe. Now they are known for making express themselves with their shoes. Converse gives the liberty to have a classic shoe with people’s fashionable sense. The concept of this campaign was to show how the consumers can customize their own pair of converse for a decent price.




For this campaign, the main idea was to spread awareness about sexual harassment, assault, rape, and abuse. The point of this campaign is to get people that are a victim to know that there are people out there that cares for their well-being.



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